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CALL FOR YOUNG RESEARCHERS IN 2023 - Research field 6.10.00 Humanities / Philosophy


The subject of the call is the selection of young researchers for training under the research programme of the Science and Research Centre Koper to obtain the academic title Doctor of Science.

Mentor’s full name: prof. dr. Lenart Škof

Research field: 6.10.00 Humanities / Philosophy

Research programme: P6-0279 Liminal Spaces: Areas of Cultural and Societal Cohabitation in the Age of Risk and Vulnerability

Candidates must submit their applications in person by 3 p.m. on 21 April 2023. Applications submitted by registered mail from Slovenia up to and including 21 April 2023 (postmark date) will also be considered as submitted in time. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

For the application to be valid, the candidates must submit a completed and signed application form and the following separate annexes:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Proof of education:
    • A photocopy of their diploma and diploma supplements or a written declaration that the candidate will graduate and submit a diploma certificate and diploma supplement by 15 September 2023;
    • Or proof of having completed a Master’s degree;
    • Or a certificate of enrolment in a third-cycle postgraduate course (if the candidate is already enrolled in a third-cycle postgraduate course);
  • Official proof of having passed all examinations and exercises with an average grade for all the examinations and exercises in the second-cycle study programme of at least 8.00 (the grade of the Master’s thesis is also taken into account);
  • A written declaration from the candidate that they have not yet received funding under the Young Researcher Programme and that the postgraduate studies during the young researcher’s training will not be funded by other public funds;
  • A photocopy of a valid identification document;
  • A written declaration by the candidate stating that the personal data provided in the application may be used for the records or lists provided for in the Rules;
  • A photocopy of a supporting document of any parental leave or documented sick leave of more than six months.

Call Documents





5 – CERTIFICATE AND ASSESSMENT SHEET (to be completed by the mentor)

Candidates can obtain further information on the call for applications from the relevant office:

Martina Žerak

Martina Lovrečič

or mentor via e-mail:

prof. dr. Lenart Škof