Euro-Mediterranean Postgraduate School

The Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) and Science and Research Centre Koper (ZRS Koper) signed an agreement in March 2019, laying the foundation for the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean Postgraduate School (EMPoS) in order to strengthen the partnership between EMUNI and ZRS Koper.

EMPoS is currently operating as a unit under EMUNI and enjoying a certain degree of academic autonomy, with its own bodies: the Senate and the Management Board.


The new Master’s program in Kinesiology of Human Performance benefits from EMUNI’s international reputation, and excellence in the field of kinesiology and ergonomics developed at Institute for Kinesiology Research ZRS Koper. Using EMUNI’s signature blended learning method, students can tailor their education to their personal and career needs. The program is mainly conducted by established researchers at ZRS Koper, who have a wide range of skills and competences in the field of kinesiology and ergonomics, as well as modern infrastructure in their own Laboratory IKARUS. With its rich and modern research and diagnostic equipment for monitoring human biomechanical and physiological responses and measuring environmental conditions, ZRS Koper enables to conduct cutting-edge research in the field of kinesiology and, to achieve outstanding scientific publications on this basis and, of course, provides infrastructural support especially for students’ research work.


The mission and vision of the Master’s program in Kinesiology of Human Performance is to educate the next generation of kinesiology professionals and equip them with the skills to meet the highest standards in healthcare issues on an international level.

The master’s program was accredited by NAKVIS in October 2021, and it is offered as a second-cycle program at EMPoS. The competences of the master’s graduates of Kinesiology of Human Performance program are in line with the recommendations of healthcare organizations and key strategic documents adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO), the relevant ministries of the EU and the ministries of RS. In the current study program, two modules have been established, which represent a unique feature both for Slovenian and for the foreign educational space. The first module, Ergonomics studies the human work ability in interaction with one’s physical capabilities, while the second module, Healthy and active lifestyle studies comprehensive human response to ageing, environment and impact of exercise (work, strain), with the focus of skills’ improvement and health protection in everyday life. The modules are intertwined through three courses compulsory for both modules, and courses elective for both modules.

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