Upon the successful completion of renovation of the Tiepolo-Gravisi Townhouse in Koper, the Science and Research Centre (ZRS) Koper has gained its first new proprietary facility and unit in over 20 years: the ZRS Koper Centre for Humanities (HUM ZRS Koper).

The HUM ZRS Koper complex, located at 6 Kreljeva Street (formerly, Carlo Combi Street), is set in the very heart of Koper, in a narrow alley in the south-eastern part of the old town centre, and is reminiscent of the history of Koper-Capodistria as well as the architecture of Istrian coastal towns.

The renovated townhouse is a compound of several different buildings, of which the two forming the western and eastern wings have older mediaeval layouts. The two wings were later joined into an interesting, yet never completed Baroque palazzo, which exhibits all the principal features of the finest Venetian bourgeois architecture. Specifically, the entrance hall in the central part of the building on the ground floor, and above it the main hall as the central room of the piano nobile, which features a mezzanine with a circumambulatory balcony and is open to the roof truss above. The entrance hall and the main hall are connected by an exemplary quarter-turn dual staircase in stone with a wooden balustrade.

The HUM ZRS Koper building and individual rooms are available for hire as venues for conferences, symposiums, lecture-style activities, workshops, training, and other types of events. See below for information on the venues, pricing, and venue hire policy.

Venue use charges RATE 1RATE 2
VITTORE CARPACCIO HALL (per hour)€ 75.00€ 60.00
Service chargesRATE 1RATE 2
Venue preparation and post-event clean-up (daily charge) € 95.00€ 80.00
Emergency support staff (1 person, hourly charge)€ 25.00€ 20.00
Provision of AV equipment€ 120.00€ 100.00


  • RATE 1 applies to business entities.
  • RATE 2 applies to institutes, societies, public institutions.
  • The rates quoted do not include VAT.

In addition to the venue use charge, the client using the venue shall be charged the cost of:

  • venue preparation and post-event clean-up,
  • emergency support staff.

The venue use charge includes costs associated with the use of the individual venue (heating/air-condition, etc.) as well as sanitary facilities and sanitary materials. It does not include service charges for the provision of event equipment and AV equipment, which are charged separately and depend on the needs and requests of the client.

The venues are available for charity events free of charge for venue use; however, all service charges as per the price list remain applicable.

Enquiries and bookings in relation to the hire of individual venues (hall/room) should be submitted by email to info@zrs-kp.si a minimum of 15 days prior to the intended start date of the venue hire.

ZRS Koper shall sign a dedicated Venue Hire Agreement with the client for each venue hire at the ZRS Koper Centre for Humanities in the Tiepolo-Gravisi Townhouse.

To cancel the Venue Hire Agreement, the client is required to provide written notice of their intention not to use the venue, which is to be submitted by email at info@zrs-kp.si. Oral cancellations or cancellations by phone shall not be accepted.

The cancellation fees are applicable as follows:

  • 50% of the venue use charge if the cancellation, in writing, is made 7-5 business days prior to the date of the event,
  • 100% of the venue use charge if the cancellation is made 5 or[P1]  fewer business days prior to the date of the event.

Cancellation fees will be waived in the event that the cancellation, in writing, is made 8 or more business days prior to the date of the event. The client is to use the facility so as not to disturb other property owners in the area and observing the provisions of the Protection of Public Order Act (ZJRM-1) (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 70/06).

ZRS Koper reserves the right to refuse to rent the facilities when the requests of the client are deemed unreasonable or the client’s planned event would be contrary to ZRS house rules.

The VITTORE CARPACCIO HALL (60-people capacity, standing room only) is intended as an exhibition and reception space.
The PIETRO PAOLO VERGERIO CONFERENCE ROOM (20-seat capacity) is ideal for workshops, working meetings, press conferences etc.
The SANTORIO SANTORIO HALL (70-seat capacity) is suitable for concerts, scientific symposiums, conferences, lectures, and similar events.
The courtyard
The courtyard is an excellent setting for receptions at events.