Always facing new challenges!

Science and Research Centre Koper is a multidisciplinary public research institute that carries out research programs, basic and applied research, and other public service tasks, professional and other tasks in the field of Mediterranean agriculture with an emphasis on olive growing, and supervises the development and functioning of the infrastructure within the framework of the Research and Innovation Strategy of Slovenia. Its strategic orientation is above all the research activity as well as the transfer of knowledge to the fields of Mediterranean studies and the specifics that it involves, and also the integration with knowledge centre within and outside Europe in the research and study fields. We are focused on creating cutting-edge science and following the criteria of scientific excellence by conducting research in the public interest on our original »niche areas«.

To become a Mediterranean reference centre for scientific research excellence is a challenge that directs the strategy and targeted activities of the employees of the Science and Research Centre Koper. We want to implement this challenge with the appropriate design of internal communication networks and relationships, with the individuals’ and groups’ being aware of the responsibility for the tasks undertaken, and to realize it by establishing a stable management system and decision-making bodies.

The SRC reaps the reward in all areas of operation: from humanities to social sciences and natural sciences. Our goals are achieved by inviting reputable domestic and foreign researchers to join us and by respecting the criteria that encourage all employees to realize the vision. Research work as a basis for the development of academic excellence of teachers and researchers requires us to connect with higher education institutions, where the knowledge is directly transferred into the study process. Thus, integration and cooperation with higher education institutions continues to be two of the important directions for the further development of the SRC Koper. Through applied research we are closely involved in the needs of the direct users of the local and wider national environment, as well as in the contemporary international trends and guidelines of scientific and research excellence. We want to achieve the core of the scientific and research potential of the Slovenian Littoral with a special recognition criterion: both the employees and the activities of SRC Koper combine a scientifically excellent, socially useful and user-friendly environment with high ethical and moral standards!


Prof. Rado Pišot, PhD, Principal Research Associate
director of ZRS Koper

Who we are and what we do?

Activities of the ZRS Koper are predominantly based on interdisciplinary work, involving humanities, social and natural sciences, with special emphasis given to the research in the specific environments of the Mediterranean and the upper Adriatic region.