Research fields:

  • Contact Slovene Linguistics
  • Slovene Dialectology
  • Linguistic Geography
  • Etymology


Rada Cossutta, PhD of Linguistic Sciences, Full professor of Dialectology and Principal Research Associate at the Institute for Linguistic Studies ZRS Koper, works on the contents of linguistic contact at the intersection of the Romanic, Germanic and Slavic worlds, where the phenomenon of interference, which is the constant of her work, is most visible.

As a researcher she headed several research projects at ZRS Koper in the field of linguistics, namely Slovene Linguistic Interference in the Italian Trieste Dialect (1. 2. 2008–30. 1. 2011), ERC-ARRS project FISHCUHE – Fishing Cultural Heritage and Linguistic Diversity in the European Area (1. 1. 2012–31. 12. 2014), ERC-ARRS project Tripoint Over Time: The Case of Cultural and Linguistic Intertwining in the Slovene, Austrian and Italian Borderland (1. 9. 2015–31. 8. 2018).

She established herself as an expert in Slovenian dialectology in the field of linguistic geography with the Slovenian Dialectological Atlas of the Trieste region SDLA-Ts and the Slovenian Dialectological Atlas of Slovenian Istria SDLA-SI I-II, as well as numerous monographs and scientific articles.

For her excellent scientific research achievements, she received the Herald of Science 2007 award of the Science and Research Centre, University of Primorska, the New ideas for the New University 2018 award of the New University of Ljubljana and the Excellent in Science 2019 award of the Slovenian Research Agency.