Jakob Fantinič, MSc

Independent Professional Associate
Phone: +386 5 663 77 75

Research Areas:

  • Oliveculture
  • Cooperation with research projects (national and international); Collecting samples and data on the field; Participating in various experiments and orchards maintainance.


Jakob Fantinič graduated (BSc) in 2014 from the Biotechincal Faculty at the University of Ljubljana, where he also finished his masters degree (MSc) in 2018.
He has been working as a professional associate at the Institute for Olivecultureat the Scientific and Research Centre Koper since october 2017.

Research activity:

Jakob Fantinič cooperates in the execution of public services in the field of oliveculture and participates in the international project »REALMed – Pursuing authenticity and valorization of Mediterranean traditional products«.